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Marlin Margaritas Frozen Margarita Machine Rental

Your Source for Frozen Drink Machine Rental
in Jupiter, Tequesta and the Palm Beaches


squeezing lime into a frozen margarita
Frozen Margaritas are always a hit!

561-907-RITA (7482)

Put away the blender and join the party with Marlin Margaritas frozen drink machine rentals. Simply add your ingredients and the machine does the rest - no ice, no mixing, all fun! Frozen margaritas, daiquiris and more can be poured by just pulling the knob.

Marlin Margaritas is the ultimate source for frozen drink machine rentals for parties and events in Jupiter, Tequesta and the Palm Beaches! Marlin Margaritas will deliver, set up and pick up a frozen drink machine for your next party or event. Our fully enclosed, high capacity machines freeze FAST** - no matter the temperature outside. Our 2.9 gallon machines make up to 64 10oz drinks per hour and our 5.75 gallon machine makes up to 160 10oz drinks per hour. From small house parties to large weddings, Marlin Margaritas lets you and your frozen drink creations be the life of the party. Rent a drink machine for your event today!

Marlin Margaritas machines are great for alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Check out our drinks page for great recipes!

All rentals include delivery, setup, cart, power cord and your choice of mixer!


Marlin Margaritas Frozen Drink Machines crank out non-stop delicious frozen drinks. Our easy-to-use design allows you to keep adding drinks to the hopper while you continue to enjoy perfectly slushy, frozen margaritas, daiquiries, pina coladas or any of your favorite drinks! The open-hopper machines shown in the far-left column take up to three hours to freeze when used for outdoor parties and any new ingredients that are added to the hopper melt the frozen drinks and slow down the party.

Open Hopper Frozen Drink Machine
Marlin Margaritas Machine
Small Frozen Drink Machine
Marlin Margaritas House Party Machine
Large Frozen Drink Machine
Marlin Margaritas Event Machine
Time to Freeze 1-3 hours less than 30 minutes less than 30 minutes
Capacity 5 gallons 2.8 gallons 5.7 gallons
Cycle Time 1-3 hours to REFREEZE 64
10oz drinks per hour

10oz drinks per hour

Can Be Used Outside No Yes Yes


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